Hillside is the current resting spot for Morris Pratt, the Winchester family, the Partridge family and also rumored to be where Mary Worth is located.  Hillside, Oak Grove, & Calvary Catholic form an exact isosceles triangle, which is believed to hold some ties to the witches. 
The land for Hillside Cemetery was purchased in May 1858. The chapel was built in the summer of 1897. In the Fall of 1914, perpetual care of the lots was established. William Hewitt designed the new archway at Hillside Cemetery. It was constructed on August 23, 1919 of massive columns of Waukesha limestone bearing the name “Hillside.” It was developed into “park-like” grounds with trees and curvilinear roads in the tradition of later nineteenth century cemeteries in the United States.

Hillside Cemetery - Whitewater, Wi