Antioch Community High School - Antioch, IL

During an EVP session sounds like someone acknowledges them.

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Bryan asks for another response and sounds like it's right over the mic on the recorder.

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You an hear Bryan talking and there's a girls voice in the background.

While Jackie is talking about an Exit sign, you can hear some type of voice or whisper come thru. 

The one teacher was discussing about a past event they did and you can hear something in the background. 

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While doing research, Jackie had posted looking for info and many commented about a gentleman named "Speedy".  She's talking about it and you can hear a voice behind hers.


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The one teacher was talking and you can hear what sounds like someone say "Wee".  

EVP's (Note some of these are better heard with headphones on)

USPR was approached by one of the teachers to help host some ghost walks for the school as a fundraiser.  After the hurricane went thru and devastated Puerto Rico, the school had been raising funds and did a mission down there to help rebuild a school.  The Spirit Walk Fundraiser also assisted in raising funds to help.  

During discussions, it was agreed that after classes were out on a couple occasions, USPR would be able to do some simple EVP sessions along with using some hand held equipment to look into some of the areas that had "stories" of hauntings along with a couple of the teachers.  

Many of the USPR team are also alumni to Antioch High School so it was an honor to be able to investigate but also to be able to give back to our community in assisting with this fundraiser.  

While doing a couple of the investigations (which were during the day after about 4pm) we did have a few odd things happen as well as some strange EVP's caught.  

History : 

Antioch Township High School was built in 1915.  In February 1926, there was a two-story north wing added.  In 1953, there was another new wing added on the north side of the school.  The old gym was converted into an auditorium to house 382 students and a new gym was added.  In 1962, another addition to the west side and in 1963, it was renamed to Antioch Community High School.  In 1972, another addition was added to the north wing for drivers ed, fine arts facilities, a new gym, more lockers and more classrooms as well as the commons area.  In the late 1990’s there was a major renovation done to accommodate the growing number of students.  In 1998, the original building was demolished for more additions.  2004 brought a third gym. 

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Jackie asks to come join them and there seems to be a response.

While in the basement area during an EVP session, you can hear in the background what sounds like a muffled conversation.  

While still in the basement area during that same session, Bryan asks a question and you hear what sounds like some hum twice.

Bryan makes a note about the acoustics in the location and something responds. 

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Prior to a question, there's an odd hum sound that echos.  

Just some odd background sounds we have no idea what they are. 

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During an EVP session, one of the teachers was telling a story about the hallway and something makes a noise.  Jackie acknowledges it as well.