Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Justice, IL

The team decided to take a field trip and explore some of the legendary locations in the Chicago area.  Anyone that's interested in the paranormal has heard of Bachelor's Grove.  It was originally settled by homesteaders who relocated from New England.  One of the most notable ones was Stephen Rexford who was part of the first wave of Anglo settler's in the area.  Originally it was named Everden Cemetery after the original property owner, Corintha Everden who had purchased the land back in 1835. The first known burials were in 1836.  It contained 82 lots and 200 graves....some of which were never sold.  There is speculation that some of the earliest burials there were as far back as 1834 when German immigrant workers were killed while working on the Illinois and Michigan Canal.  The area is also known as a dumping ground for many of the victims of the Chicago Mobsters in the 1920's and 1930's (including Al Capone) but there has been no evidence to prove this.  

Reported over the years have been many orbs, phantom vehicles, a ghostly farmhouse , a white lady walking around carrying an infant, a farmer and his plow horse who were victims of a horrific plowing accident, religious monks at night, and so many more.  It was also featured in 2012 on Ghost Adventures.