This house is located in Bristol, Wi.  The land it is on as well as the surrounding area dates back to when Indians lived there.  Back then, the area was home to the Potawatomi tribes.   At one point in the area, two Indian warriors bodies were found and unearthed in a gravel pit that was just opened in the area.  They were found buried in a sitting position and several pieces of pottery was found with them as well.   

Along the stretch of road in the area, there are many reported accidents and deaths as well.  There have been reports after some accidents that a dark figure or animal was in the middle of the road or darted in front of a moving vehicle causing the car to veer off and crash.  

The family that lives here has reported many things such as black masses seen in the yard, voices, shadows, apparitions, lights being turned on and off, doors closing, and things being moved.   

During an initial walk thru by Bryan and Kay, a couple EVP's were caught in what was an old carriage house.  During the walk thru, they also heard a door closing and lights being turned back on after they had been turned off.  

During the first investigation, Jackie, Andy, Mark, and Anthony didn't have much go on that evening.  There will be a few more follow up investigations to come on this ongoing case. 

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Door closing

House in Bristol, WI (Confidential)

Don't touch the walls


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