As one of the original members of USPR (and formerly, Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators), I have been investigating the paranormal for over a decade. I'm a bit old school, tending towards the classic equipment such as digital voice recorders and just plain old listening and watching. I've been fascinated with the paranormal since I was a child, and have carried that curiosity and passion with me over the years.  After several experiences of my own, I can't help but to believe there's more to this world than we can explain using modern science.  I'm a believer in ghosts, bigfoot, aliens... You name it, I've probably looked into it.  I'm also a big podcast nut, so you'll often find me listening to Sasquatch Chronicles, The Paranormal Podcast, or Lore.

During the day, I work in Early Intervention as a Child Development Specialist, helping young children with developmental delays. I'm also a mama to two rambunctious kiddos of my own, ages 4 and 6.  Between my day job and my kids, I keep myself pretty busy-- But I always seem to make time to wander around dark creepy places with USPR... And I wouldn't have it any other way.