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Holy Family Church is located in Lake Villa, Il.  

Many years ago, this land was part of  Otto Lehmann's horse farm.  It was about 600 acres back in the 1900's.  The farm was called Chesney Farms.  It overlooked Columbia Bay on the western part of Lake Villa Township.  This was just his summer residence.  

In 1927, Otto had a boxing ring constructed in the barn just for the great Gene Tunney to practice in for a rematch against the great Jack Dempsey.  Otto was known for his breeding and riding some top Arabian horses in his days.  He was also the president of the Arlington Jockey Club for a brief period.  

His barn had a whole room just to house his buggies (which currently is used as the main chapel for the church).  His tack rooms were also known to be very lavish for all the equipment as well.  The whole Lehmann family had an affinity for the horses and the sisters were known to hold horse shows on the grounds of the present day Post Office.   

Present day, the land has changed vastly and only a small portion of the original buildings is left, which is currently the church.  Most of the land is part of the subdivisions "Chesney Shores" and "Fox Lake Hills".  

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Holy Family Church - Lake Villa, IL



While it is a church, there is a vast history on this land which we believe contributes to some of the things that happen here.   Many hear footsteps and see shadows.  On a few of our visits, we have heard the footsteps as well and seen the shadows.  This is an ongoing investigation and we will update this page with evidence as we go along.