Well...let's see.  Been in the paranormal field now since 2007.  I do the research for the locations we go to and try to get all the history as best as possible.  Sometimes it's not so easy to do though.  Love going to the old buildings....the architecture on some is just so amazing.  They don't make buildings anymore like they use to.  

I'm a big Josh Gates fan and love his show.  I also am a fan of Darkness Radio (or Beyond the Darkness it's called now) and Dave Schrader.   If you have not heard of it...you gotta check it out!!!  

My day job I'm a full time photographer...which does come in handy on investigations and reviewing photo evidence.  I shot your typical weddings, portraits, and seniors but my first love will always be equine.  Which leads to my next thing.....I am an avid horse rider.  Had my guy (in the photos) for 23 years....he was 6 yrs old when I got him.  I was 16 years old then....worked for many years as a trainers assistant to learn and also get his training too.  Was a long road.....sadly like humans, he was genetically destined to have metabolic changes which ultimately led to me having to say goodbye this past September.  But even at his age of 29, until then we were still riding and pursuing our showing goals.