JJ Blinkers - Antioch, IL

It is uncertain who built the building but it has always been referred to the Klein Building so the guess is maybe Frank Klein.  He was a foreman at the Loon Lake ice house and the only man by that name in Antioch in 1910 which was when it was constructed.  In the early days it was two storefronts.  In the fall of 1911 one was side was occupied by Maud Simons Sabin with a women's clothing store and the other side was Cash Shoe Store.  In 1912, Lee Strang purchased White's undertaking business and he then opened his parlor  where the shoe store was and was there for over two decades.  In 1933, Strang moved up Main Street to the old Charles Thorn Farmhouse at 1055 Main St.  There was never anyone though embalmed in the Klein Building.

It also housed over the years Antioch Liquore Store owned by Morrie and Ruth Pickus.  Marianne's Dress Shop, Bernadette's Art Store owned by Paul and Bernadette Bay and E.J.'s Cameras.  Even the Antioch News was here at one point.  It's now been JJ Blinker's  for more than 32 years. 

The back section of the store now was a bar also at one time in the 1980's.
Gus is their ghost

It has been reported by the current tenants they see shadow figures on occasion out of the corner of their eye and lights in the basement area. 

While USPR investigated the location none of our team really had anything happen personally or with equipment.  Upon review of evidence there was nothing as well.