Hi – My Name is Kay! Queen of Organization 

By day, I am a project manager. For the group, I take care of a lot of the behind the scenes boring tasks for the team.  I keep them organized, scheduled and on track. I speak with clients to gather initial information, set up walk throughs, and then schedule the investigation for the team.    

I married into this paranormal world and became a member by default. The group really needed someone to keep them organized, which is what I love doing. I am a skeptic, but there have been things over the years that tip the scales for me.  Growing up we didn’t acknowledge it, didn’t talk about, and did not question it.    

Our daughter is a Senior in High School, when I am not doing the mom thing – or the paranormal thing…...you might find me organizing my home (seriously I love to organize things) or binge-watching television.  
This is an amazing group of people that have become family!