A small house on the outskirts of Lake Geneva with a history as a carriage house.  We were called in my a young mother with a child who was having things happen and always was creeped out in the house like someone was always watching her and that objects moved.  

USPR did a couple investigations at the house.  While we didn't get much at all the biggest thing we did find was the EMF readings were off the charts in the house.  Upon further investigation we did find that right outside the house was an older transformer from the electric company and it was giving off the high readings.   We did let them know and suggested they contact the electric company.   The company came out and after looking into it, did find some issues and replaced the transformer and some of the wires.  Shortly after that, we followed up with the homeowner and to this day there has been no more issues and things are good.   

Lake Geneva House - confidential