This older victorian house is located in Antioch.  There are many older homes like this that still stand.  The history on this one has families living there and businesses over it's years.  Reports of shadows, noises, and voices from many. 

This was by far one of the most active locations USPR has been on to date.   You can view some of our evidence from this location.  There was also a few personal experiences...the biggest one was from Bryan and Jackie in one of the bedrooms upstairs.  During an evp session, they had a shadow walk into the room and then walked back out.  Still combing thru the video to see if we were able to catch that.  

Unknown kid sound/voice - in basement.

  • 0:05

Some type of inaudible voice.

Unknown sigh.

"Let me out" ?

  • 0:08

  • 0:08


Inaudible talking/conversation.

  • 0:05

Possible soft yelp?

  • 0:07

  • 0:24

  • 0:04

  • 0:19

  • 0:14

  • 0:19

Unknown ladies voice.

Child's response....

Horn sound.

  • 0:11

Sven responding?

  • 0:56

"Down Here"?

  • 0:10

Very odd noise or sound.

Response back to question.

Childs voice.

  • 0:19


Older Victorian House

I heard you.....

Unknown music or instrument?

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  • 0:06