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Radio Station / White Hill Tavern - Elkhorn, Wi

You can hear what sounds like a chair creak and moving but no one was in the room at the time. 


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Talking about where a radio it and something thumps in the background.

Previously named White Hill Tavern.  There are two reported deaths at this location.  One is a Pat Messier in 1982.  Another is a customer who frequented the tavern.  White Hill Tavern is in Richmond Township.  It was a 20 acre farm that raised chickens and normal crops but also had the tavern and a small store.  Sold sandwiches and a few groceries for the road, etc.  The man that owned it in the 40's-50's was Emil Storck.  He had five children, Lawrence, Melvin, RosaLou, Jenny and Phyllis.  Before the Storck family, it was owned by a family named Door(?).  Always was a tavern.  Was said they had barn dances there quite
often.  Was owned in 1929 by "Blind" John Maust and his wife Ethel.  They ran it until John died in 1963.  John was called "Blind" John because he liked to fish with dynamite and had an accident that took his sight.(John is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Whitewater.)  Possibly no business done from 1963-1968 until Mrs. Maust sold. Bought by Pat Messier in the mid 1970's.  She owned and operated the tavern until her death in June 17,1982. Pat was killed by David Wickingson during a shooting where killed Pat and also attempted first degree murder of Beverly Fleegel, another patron of the tavern.  David was held in Walworth Jail.  David claimed
he was feeling "picked on" by the ladies.  David was at the tavern with Beverly and had tried to get her to leave with him as he felt she was intoxicated.  He went out to his car and got his gun when he came back and and shot them.  Beverly's BAC was .296.