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You can hear an odd sound after Bryan was talking. 

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Rustic & Reclaimed - Antioch, IL

Something gets thrown.  

Jackie asks about telling her the rest and you hear a grunt.

During an EVP session in the basement, Bryan asks if they want them to leave, give two knocks.  

Somerville Bakery originally located at 909 Main St from 1904 (after the fire) to approximately 1922 when the new building was built.  Prior to this building it was an old farm house owned by the Ingalls family…..part of the foundation of the current building is still there and houses the basement of Rustic & Reclaimed. 

Built in 1921 as the Somerville Building.  It housed T. Somerville Bakery upstairs and Sabin & Bock Sheet Metal downstairs.  Thomas and Mary (Mollie) Bernbaum Somerville owned the bakery and restaurant until 1932….the building was leased to other bakers during that time to Robert Worley in 1927, Mike Depner in 1928.  The Wetzel family owned the bakery in 1935 and Jacob Koenig owned it in 1938.  In 1945 Albert and Ragnhild Pedersen operated the bakery until Albert retired in 1967.  John "Mac" and Mae Crispino then opened Little John's Butter Bakery there in November of 1967 until September 1972 when it was then Barbara Corbin's Express Travel. Come June of 1978, Bill Patterson opened B.J's Sports Center to go along with his two other buisiness's of B.J's Fashions for Men (located at 931 Main St. now Front Gate) and BJ's Closet. 

When the building was built, there was a group called "The Board of Trade".  They were a group of Civil War Veterans that basically would get together and talk over coffee. The building they used to meet at closed and they banded together and opened up a new headquarters in front of the new Somerville Building.  It was said that each morning at 8, the "old-timers" congregated upon the thoroughfare and didn't budge until the day ended commenting on how the building was being built.  One of the older gentlemen was said to have showed up one day as a bricklayer had already laid about a half dozen bricks and told the bricklayer he wanted them down and lay them over again because he wasn't there in time to seen them done.  Another gentleman was peeved because he couldn't watch the bricklayer and the concrete mixer at the same time and complained it made him dizzy turnig back and forth from one side of the building to the other.  Some of the gentlemen that represented the "Board" were Homer Hendee, R.D. Emmmons, Abe Crowley, Eli Judd, Jos. Savage, J.B. Burnette, Frank Garland, John Spafford, John Didama, B.F. VanPatten, Henry Billett, William Gray, Geo. Hockney, Gus Shilke, Ed Wells, and John McGuire.

It's been reported by the current tenants that odd things happen.  Things have fallen off the walls and a bar of soap was thrown off the display about a foot or so on the check out counter. 

 USPR investigated and during the time there a little girls giggle was heard both upstairs and downstairs.  When asked to knock twice if it wanted them to leave the basement, there was two clear knocks which was also heard upstairs as well.  While in the basement, Bryan, Scott and Jackie all witness a white light orb circle the floor and then disappear.  There were shadows seen in the basement as well.  

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