6th Annual Whitewater Spirit Tour - October 11-12, 2019
Hosted by the Whitewater Chamber of Commerce‚Äč

The Whitewater Chamber of Commerce hosts a Spirit Tour which gives patrons a chance to hear some of the haunted history of Whitewater, also known as Second Salem.  The town is seeped in many myths of witches, paranormal activity and much more!  The bus tour is 3-4 hours and you get to tour some of the locations like The Witches Tower and their old cemeteries.  It is an amazing event we were honored to be a part of and looking forward to future events with them!

This is USPR's 2nd year with the tour and this year was even better from last year.  Such great groups on the tours and happy the rain held out both days!

You can view some of the locations we have investigated on our investigations page!  (Photos, evp's, and video can be viewed there)