I am the author of 44 Years in Darkness, Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital, and other books of true ghost stories. I have spent the past twenty years working in a library, slowly smuggling words out in my pockets day by day to build a book of my own. I sit in dark, spooky, haunted places so you don't have to. I live a short, ten-minute motorcycle ride away from the haunted asylum that features in so many of my books. I do consider it the highest privilege to share the incredible, compassionate history of the Peoria State Hospital.

After battling an intense, lifelong fear of the dark, I have decided to become a ghost hunter. (What WAS I thinking?) As a paranormal investigator, I have made many media appearances, including a tiny part in the Ghost Hunters episode "Prescription for Fear", about the Peoria State Hospital. I am also the writer, director, producer, and host of the true ghost story podcast Lights Out, available on YouTube, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and anywhere else great podcasts are found.

I  love hearing from my readers, especially when they have spooky stories of their own to share with me. I can be found at www.sylviashults.wordpress.com, and on Facebook at the pages for Fractured Spirits and Ghosts of the Illinois River.