​Video Evidence

This is USPR's 2nd visit here.  

Owner Charles (Bussie) Keulman was the owner. 
Bussie's Tavern open in 1944 and was sold around 1957-1958. 

On June 24, 1949 there was a bomb that exploded at the rear of Bussie's Tavern.  It was similar to four others in the county against Handbooks and gambling areas were situated.  It also blew in the double loading doors to Reeves Drug Store next door and demolished 64 windows including the glass skylight.  There was eight windows broken in the upstairs apartment of the building occupied by the Herman Holbek variety store.  The first was in Waukegan and two others the same night were in Grass Lake and Lake Bluff where slot machines were kept.  The Handbook at Bussie's Tavern was operate by Charles E. Gaffey.  The business was closed for two weeks in response to the notice of the sheriff that bookies should be closed.  It was rumored that it bore the marks of the work of John "Blackie" Sullivan but he denied having anything to do with it.  John "Blackie" Sullivan was known to be part of the Milwaukee Mafia at the time.  At one point it was rumored he was involved with many hits, one being John DiTrapnai in March of 1954.

There have been a couple groups that investigated this location over time.  When USPR investigated in the past, there was one of the storage areas that while in there asking questions, little pebbles were thrown at them.  Also caught on the FLIR camera were two human type figures which was seen moving on there and there is a screen capture of this.  On the last visit, while downstairs in the hallway by the bi-fold doors, Andy, Bryan and Jeff all had three of the door open on them as well as hearing hangers clanging around…and there was no hangers in there.  

**** FYI - there is some explicit language in this. ****

So while downstairs investigating Bryan, Andy, and Jeff were walking back down the hallway by the bi-fold closet doors when three pop open and you hear hangers clanging (there were no hangers in the closet).  

While getting ready to start investigating, you can hear them gathering equipment and a cat meow's.  This is in the back room of The Lodge.  


Probably one of the more odd EVP's that night was this one.  This is right after the doors opened and Andy goes to look inside the closets.  It wasn't any of them that said this.  

The Lodge of Antioch - Antioch, IL

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