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You can hear a train whistle going in the background like it was going by.....when we called command to check, there was no train that had gone thru and the sound was also coming from the wrong direction of the tracks. 

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Personal account – Apartment #1 - Leah

I lived in the apartment from 2008 to 2010. As I would watch TV in the living room, I would frequently see a human figure seemingly pacing in the master bedroom of the apartment. I say human figure and seemingly pacing because it was almost like a dark shadow in a dark room. It is difficult to explain...I would describe it as a dark shape and movement that my brain would connect the dots as to being a pacing human. When I would investigate, the figure would be gone. This would happen almost every time I'd settle in for some long-term TV watching. I also remember things moving or falling in the apartment with no logical reason or way for the object to move. In particular, I remember a loaf of bread being placed on a counter, stepping away, and coming back to the kitchen to find the loaf of bread on the floor a rather far distance from the counter. Nobody else was home and we had no pets at the time. Whatever caused these things seemed almost playful. No bad vibes at all. I met Lacey at the Sweet Spot around that time (we continue to keep on touch) and she alluded to the legend of a spirit of a former property owner. I truly don't believe in ghosts, but don't have a better explanation than that for some of the things I experienced. I hope that was somewhat helpful or interesting.   

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During an evp session, you can hear an odd noise or something in the background....Bryan asks if someone else heard it as it was heard in real time.

While talking about a bug going by, you can hear a quick reply of "yes".  It was no one from the team. 

While sitting in command watching the camera's, Kelly describes to Jackie how her leg is starting to feel.  You can hear a male's reply.


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You can hear a distinct "hello"

The Sweet Spot Cafe - Whitewater, Wi

So while exploring the basement of the cafe, Jackie and Chamber member Bob were checking out the rooms and trying to figure out what was what.  You can hear the "hum" and shortly after Jackie questions it as it was heard with their own ears. 

Usually while investigating you take photos.  Sometimes you need a flash and we always try to call it out before we do as to not blind the other investigators.  During this session, no one was taking photos at the time. 

Originally the “Whitewater Hotel”, it was also Packey’s Bar.  One of the past owners/employees they refer to is Ruby.  They say you can smell perfume, feel cool breezes, things fly off walls, bottles tip over, and at one time Frank Sinatra music was heard and there was no stereo on. 

It was a railroad hotel in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Built in 1894 after a fire burned the previous hotel there.  It is located across from the Train Depot. 

It was said to house many over the years and was known as a halfway/skidrow type hotel at one point. 

There are still apartments rented there today.  Some past tenants have reports of activity as well.
here.  The Sweet Spot has become one of our teams favorite places to eat!!! The food and bakery goods are amazing!

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So during setup we were all chatting about how Freddy hasn't been on alot of the recent investigations as she has been off for a bit raising her family.  We tend to joke a bit and Jackie was giving her a little nudge and this was the response that came about.  

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