Volo Cemetery - Volo, IL

Civil War soldier Wallace H. Gale is buried at the Volo Cemetery.  The soldier has been said to haunt the Volo Antique Mall  which is right next to the Volo Cemetery.  The building that houses the mall is owned by the Grams family and once was a dairy barn built in 1848 by the Gale family.  Wallace H. Gale, who grew up on the property in an old farmhouse next door to the barn, starved to death in Tennessee while serving in the Civil War.  His body was returned to the homestead for burial and you can see the tombstone from a window in the antique mall.  

Over the years, mall visitors have reported seeing a young boy staring at them from outside the window on the fourth floor. Others claim to have seen perfume bottles floating in the air, and images of a soldier.  Over the years, the family that lives in the 1850's farmhouse has reported seeing black figures by the end of their beds, feeling like someone is sitting on the bed, tv's and light turning on and off on their own.  

In 2009, Discovery Channel's "Ghost Lab" came and investigated the location.  They did claim to capture a shadowy figure sitting on some furniture inside the antique mall.  That episode was televised November 2009.  Since then, many customers and employees have come forward saying they have seen things, purses fly off shelves, one truck driver was driving overnights had parked in the front lot to get some sleep before heading back out wasn't there long and left after seeing a guy in a trench coat walk thru the walls of the barn.  

While USPR did a couple investigations in the cemetery, we never really had anything personal happen or got any evidence.