This year's group trip was so many ways.  A few from the Racine Paranormal Investigators did join us as well.  But with the plans of investigating Waverly Hills, a tuberculosis hospital during our own pandemic with Covid-19, it made for a very interesting trip.  Not only did we have that going on but a few weeks prior started a massive wave of riots thru-out the US.....Louisville being one of the major areas too.  While there, the first day we all did venture to New Albany National's always good to see these places and those that fought for our freedoms and pay our respects.  Our second night was Waverly Hills...which did not disappoint!  So many things happened from people seeing shadows, hearing sounds and voices to Bryan on USPR getting scratched 4 times.  Our third night we had a fellow investigator contact down there that we met up with and investigated the Old Kasey Family Cemetery (aka Hell's Gate Cemetery) and also Morrison's Masonic Lodge.  Amazing history at that lodge.....the cemetery though was a little creepy not only due to the fact it was basically abandoned and overgrown, but some "living" showed up and things got a little creepy so we didn't stay long out there.  You can click on each location above to learn some history on each location but we'll share our collective photos and evidence here!