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We Don't Stalk.... We Investigate

Applying a Scientific Approach to the Unexplainable 

About US Paranormal Research

Located in the Great Lakes Area, US Paranormal the U.S. 
employs a scientific approach to explain the unknown.


Their mission is to assist those with questions of the unexplainable. The team conducts research, schedules investigations,  uses monitoring equipment to collect data, and thoroughly examines the evidence.

US Paranormal Team


"I have had the privilege to partner with the US Paranormal Research Team for the past two years.  During that time I have witnessed first hand the precautions this team takes to ensure the credibility of their research.  I have participated in research opportunities where unexplained events were debunked and every explanation was exhausted before they would define it as paranormal activity.  The members of this group take their research very seriously and have a system of checks and balances to keep each investigator honest.  They take pride in their work and are dedicated to providing research and theories that protect the integrity of their program.  The investigators act in a professional manner and respect the boundaries and expectations of their clients.  In addition to providing a service, The US Paranormal Research team include civic minded members, who feel it is important to support the communities they represent.  The US Paranormal Research team has helped me raise over $1200 to help rebuild a school in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.  They are an extremely generous group of people who are having fun and helping the community at the same time.  I have learned so much about the science of paranormal research by spending time with this group.  The US Paranormal Research team operates with integrity and credibility and the work they do is respected in our community!"

Leona Swieton- Teacher
Antioch Community High School

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