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About Us

In 2014, Bryan & Kay Meisinger started US Paranormal.

Located in the Great Lakes Area, US Paranormal investigates locations throughout Wisconsin & Illinois.


Their mission is to assist those with questions of the unexplainable. They apply our knowledge in an effort to answer these questions using a scientific approach after simple explanations cannot explain what is happening.  

US Paranormal Team

How an Investigation Works

When a client contacts us to investigate a location, we have a process we follow. 



Our case managers will be in touch with them, interview and then also explain the process.  Once a date has been set up, we notify our team and begin to form the group that will be doing that investigation.   Our historian will then dig to try to find out as much history on the property as possible. 



Once set up, the team will do shifts in groups in the areas.  This will include EVP sessions, photo taking, sometimes use of hand held video as well along with many of the other items we use to communicate and monitor things such as EMF, radiation, temperatures and much more. 


Investigation Set Up

On the date of the investigation, the team arrives with the equipment and will then walk with the client and get any additional information on any recent activity along with what we already know.  That helps determine where we place cameras, digital voice recorders and other equipment.



After an investigation, we will review all evidence collected.  This typically will take about 2-3 weeks as most of it needs to be reviewed in real time.  Once everything is reviewed, we will contact the client to meet with them and go over what we found. 


As we have grown in our knowledge, we've been upgrading some of our equipment.  We have multiple DVR systems for both wired set ups and wireless (for the smaller locations).  We have also gone to using the Tascam recorders for the better quality recording it offers and also the option for real time listening during EVP sessions. 

More updated equipment will be coming as we grow and try as we learn and expand in this field.   

DVR Recorder (Digital Video Recorder)

These work just like your security cameras you see in stores or at home.  We use both wireless setups as well as wired.  This helps capture the video evidence.

DVR Recorder (Digital Video Recorder)

MEL- Meter

This measures EMF (Electromagnetic Fields).  It’s used for reading and diagnosing problems with electrical wiring, power lines, working appliances, and more.   In paranormal investigating, it is a key piece we use to help first make sure that wires and such are properly installed and working.  If after you have a base line of a room and you get spikes in the EMF Readings, then the belief is that there is a spirit there. 

EL- Meter


This device reads static fields so you need to be aware of any of the lights going on vs moving around yourself.  This can be very helpful while doing an evp session or looking for a “yes” or “no” type question.  We have used this and had responses but best if you can set it down and walk a little a way from it so you don’t give it a false positive.


DVR’s (Digital Voice Recorder)

TASCAM DVRs studio quality recorders and give a much better quality for recording and playback. There are different levels to purchase on these from about $30 on up.  We use these during investigations as both static and during for evp (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) sessions.  While it is speculated by some that evp Is nothing but a form of pareidolia, interference from radios and some that will just fake evidence, USPR has caught quite a few evp’s that coincide with questions at a location of people, places, things, and such.   

DVR’s (Digital Voice Recorder)

Radiating Electromagnetism Pod 

REM Pod devices radiate their own electromagnetic field where a EMF reader will detect flowing currents of electricity.  Because the REM Pod radiates it’s own EM field it can detect a bit more which in theory makes it easier for a spirit to communicate.  The antenna allows a 360 degree coverage area.  The way it’s built, it actually is a modified Theremin.  Just

like the Theremin, the closer something is to it, the higher the tone will be.  It was

Designed to be more of a stand alone item rather than carried around. 

Radiating Electromagnetism Pod

Flir Thermal Imaging

While these cameras can help determine warm or cold spots. During an investigation, you need to understand how they work so you don’t get a false positive.   If you point the camera at a window or something that reflects, you will get a reading basically of yourself.  Now if you have it against a wall or an open area (like in the wood) and get something, then you might have possibly caught an entity or spirit.  But if your in the woods it can also help keep you safe from wild animals (or creepy people wandering around).

Flir Thermal Imaging

Spirit Box/Ghost Portal

This device can consist of a few different things.  There’s the simple Spirit Box (SB-7 or SB-11 are quite common) which many use.  There’s also a modified version (which we have as well) called a Ghost Portal which uses the traditional spirit box but with some additions of some amplifiers and such that can take away some of that annoying static and help make responses clearer.   The spirit Box works by scanning the FM and AM bands.  The belief is the white noise caused by such helps spirits communicate to questions. 

Spirit Box/Ghost Portal


"I have had the privilege to partner with the US Paranormal Research Team for the past two years.  During that time I have witnessed first hand the precautions this team takes to ensure the credibility of their research.  I have participated in research opportunities where unexplained events were debunked and every explanation was exhausted before they would define it as paranormal activity.  The members of this group take their research very seriously and have a system of checks and balances to keep each investigator honest.  They take pride in their work and are dedicated to providing research and theories that protect the integrity of their program.  The investigators act in a professional manner and respect the boundaries and expectations of their clients.  In addition to providing a service, The US Paranormal Research team include civic minded members, who feel it is important to support the communities they represent.  The US Paranormal Research team has helped me raise over $1200 to help rebuild a school in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.  They are an extremely generous group of people who are having fun and helping the community at the same time.  I have learned so much about the science of paranormal research by spending time with this group.  The US Paranormal Research team operates with integrity and credibility and the work they do is respected in our community!"

Leona Swieton- Teacher
Antioch Community High School

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